Over the past century that cannabis has been labeled a controlled substance, many inaccurate stigmas have been applied to its use, even medicinally. However, in more recent years, scientists have been looking beyond these stigmas and into ways in which the use of cannabis can actually benefit those who suffer from medical or psychological health issues. Much has been discovered about the health benefits of cannabis use, but probably none so unexpected as the fact that cannabis can actually improve concentration and mental acuity with regular use, particularly in patients with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).


For the most part, ADD is usually treated using stimulants that can have serious side effects for patients and users who are struggling to focus and maintain attention at work or school. Insomnia, nervousness, and anxiety are all common struggles for those with ADD on stimulants. Fortunately, cannabis affects the brain and nervous system differently, allowing higher focus to improve concentration without the side effects depending on the strain being used for treatment of ADD. Users of cannabis experience a higher dopamine release rate in the brain, which is a neurotransmitter that stimulates mental focus. Strains with higher THC content (the active ingredient in cannabis that produces a dopamine “high”), help many individuals focus and think more clearly. However, high THC content can actually have an adverse effect, making people with ADD feel anxious and paranoid and rendering it ineffective for treatment of their condition. ADD patients seem to benefit most from strains of cannabis that have an even combination of THC content and CBD content, which is the active ingredient in cannabis that has a soporific or sleep inducing effect. This balanced approach helps those with ADD manage their anxiety while benefiting from the added mental focus.


The emphasis of most research that supports cannabis use for focus and productivity leans heavily on the importance of selecting a strain that works best for you. There are two basic classifications for cannabis that each produce alternate effects on the brain: Sativa and Indica. Sativa is the strain of cannabis most used to improve mental focus, as it contains the necessary higher THC levels to increase the psychoactive effect of cannabis. Typically considered the “daytime” strain, Sativa is often ingested to help improve focus and motivation by cannabis users. Indica is the strain of cannabis that tends to create the mellow, sleep inducing effects commonly attributed to cannabis use. For the most part, those interested in pain management and insomnia relief favor Indica strains of cannabis.

Ultimately, if you want to improve concentration and productivity through the day, making use of a good Sativa strain has numerous benefits backed by solid scientific research. To find out more about the use of medical marijuana to treat ADD or to help you be more productive and energized at work, contact the friendly MMJ professionals at Medwell Health & Wellness Centers! It is our ambition to aid in the treatment and recovery of those who are suffering from an alternative to traditional, and potentially harmful, pharmaceutical stimulants.

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